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Why I want a boler

November 5, 2011

I have always resisted a trailer, however with a family now, it has started to look like a better option.  I like to explore, and setting up camp for one was not hard, setting up for four with two young children running around camp has become a bit more challenging (then there was the trip through the Rockies where one of the boys decided he was scared of outhouses and the grass was were dogs pee, making for less enjoyable day).

In looking at trailers I did not want something so large the bill to tow it was a stress on any big trip, and I wanted to minimize the hassle of getting it into remote spots that would restrict our ability to travel.  I also quickly ruled out tent trailers, as living in a wet climate I am not optimistic we could keep the musty smell from creeping into a tent trailer.

My first introduction to fiberglass units was through a relative, who brought out their Bigfoot camper.  The solid shell just made more sense, I started researching and found many similar trailer options, however none were as exciting as the Boler.

The Boler not only looked great (with a family I guess an old trailer becomes almost Hot Rod like?), but it offered the oppruntiity to include the kids in ongoing modifications (they are no fun if called repairs), creating a great winter past time.  And it would likely fit in the garage when necessary.

The idea of working on it with the boys quickly turned into a desire to include them a full restoration, with my mechanical ability limited to my being to identify a wrench, this seemed like a great adventure, adding to the summer camping experience.  This would also cure my need to build something.

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