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Boler is Home

November 7, 2011

The Boler is going to live in the garage for the next while, only problem is the trailer is slightly taller than the door is tall.  Also with a small garage the trailer fits better if it goes in tongue first, so we can’t use the car to back it in, we will be pulling it in.

Dropping the trailer in front of the garage (Still have never had to back up a trailer), I park the car.  We pulled the trailer up the curb with a surprising ease, it is amazingly light.  Now to let the air out of the tires so it would fit through the door.  With flat tires it is much tougher to pull, but does fit through the door.  The toughest part is over, I re inflating the tires I wheel to the back of the garage.

The trailer is bigger than expected, I thought it would be harder to get in the garage and it turns out the bed is only 1/2 ” shorter than I am tall.  The bed at the front also seems bigger than I though it was from the pictures.

I only have a few minutes, but I set to work cleaning out the parts filling the inside of the trailer, and set up a fan to start drying it out.  It has a musty smell, even with the fresh paint.

I am wondering if drying out is enough, or if it needs to be redone, as it is all freshly done already.

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