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Start the Renovation

November 9, 2011

This weekend I took some time to start work on our Boler project.  My soft office hands show it.

Taking the paint off

1.  Cleaning.  I started by pulling out all the loose parts inside the trailer, the fiberglass parts for the dinnett and the fiberglass base for the dinette.

I took some steel whol and started to clean the trim, Boler logos, windows, licence plate holder.  Painted or just old looking, they all seemed to come back to life .  Lots of work left on this, but now confident these parts will work I decieded to move on to the shell.

Mess behind the yoga mats

2.  Shell.    Yoga mats had been used as insulation where the kitchen was suppose to be, and with vents on the outside I choose to pull this back.  The vents had not been sealed, just covered over.  Water had found it’s way back here, so I pulled this out.  Now wondering about the rest of the insulation I gently pulled back a couple corners, and behind one it was wet.  I started pulling, the more I pulled the more water I found.  So I pulled out all the insulation.  I then started unscrewing anything attached to the shell, as my confidence built I then went for the drill and started attacking the rivets.

Boler door Sag

3.  Since the shell was becoming bare, I decided to pull the windows adn door off to.   The windows with rivots came off easily, however one had been bolted on, so I will wait until I have someone to hold the bolts as a few of them started to spin when taking them off.   I then moved on to removing the door and snaped one of the bolts, didn’t take much.  This shouldn’t be an issue as I plan to replace all the screws and bolts anyway.After removing the door I carried it across the garage, titling it water poured out through the window.  This saved me drilling the holes to drain it.   I am hoping between draining the water and remounting the hinges I will be able to get the door to seal.

With the shell Mostly stripped I will spend some more time cleaning it up, then I think I remove the floor and pull it off the frame.  if I am this close to a complete restoration now, why not do it right.

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