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Picking colors

December 13, 2011

I plan to create something different, so I do not feel limited to the original colors.  The debate was to go bright, or not.  everyone I talk to seems to think I should stay away from the bright colors, they may be right, but bright seems more fun.

I was thinking bright yellow, orange or green, colors taken from some of my favourite mini trucks and Hot Rods.  I am looking at bright green, it is a color I have never really used.  Also my motorcycle was bright yellow and I had a 72 Chevy pickup that was orange, so green seems to be the color left.  Browsing Boler forums I have seen many really nice yellow and orange paint jobs, but as of yet none in the green I want.

BroI have chosen paint from Envirocoat, as it is flexible which should work well with the fibreglass and it reflects heat, hopefully allowing a little longer sleep in on those hot trips.  I plan to spray it on for a better finish.  This is not automotive paint so I still need to look into its ability to handle the bright color and not fade.  If not I can always fall back to a softer color.  I am hoping this paint will last longer than other house paints.  I also looked at marine paint and automotive paint (with something added  in to make it flexible so it can work with the fibreglass), but the ability to help keep a more comfortable temperature won out.

With a bright green I plan to add a dark brown on the interior, the walls a light gray.  I am leaning towards a light stain for wood doors, but may go to a simpler white look, will decide depending on how easy these are to construct.

All this take of color and not a picture with the post,  just have to get the trailer finished so I can post a picture.

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