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Boler is stripped

December 14, 2011

Boler stripped

A very generous friend has offered up his shop to work on the trailer, with a lot more space it is a huge upgrade!  So I pushed the Boler out of the garage and towed it over to his place.  Still using the magnetic lights, however with the trailer being stripped it is very light and bounced around a little too much behind the car, one light bounced off and smashed, so hopefully the lights on the trailer will be working on the way home.

Once getting the trailer to the shop, we finished stripping the trailer.  found some damage at the front where it looks like it hit something and broke the fibreglass, it had been patched with what looked like a thick tape, but it was not strong or water proof.  So I pulled this apart and added it to the fibreglass repair list.

Then removing the six large screws it was time to lift off the shell.    It took four of us to lift the fibreglass shell off the frame and put it up on the workbench.  Noticing mould spots on the bottom of the fibreglass, this also has been added to the list.

The frame was much worse than expected, but reparable.  Near the front it had been patched, but does not look that great, the pan to hold the propane tank needs to be fixed, behind the axle on the driver side the frame was broken and repaired, however it is not straight and needs to be fixed.  the rear bumper is dented and the bike rack mount looks like it was cut out with a torch and never finished, so this will be replaced as well.  The front trailer jack is rusted and no longer works, so it will be removed and a new trailer coupler and proper chains will also be added.

While this is being done I am also planning to add battery holders and a fire wood rack on the tongue (hoping the weight will help offset the bike rack on the back).

For the welding and metal work I plan to tow this to a local business where a friend will work on this in his spare time. (so much for the boler lights working before I need to tow it again.)

I am excited to be getting close to the rebuilding stage, just need to sand the shell and the building can begin.

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  1. Mike Bromley the Canucklehead permalink
    March 10, 2012 3:28 am

    Marvellous Tale! Can’t wait to get my ’73 out and about!

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