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First Camping Trip with the Kids 2009

February 25, 2012

Our CampsiteIn preparing for the birth of my first son I put my motorcycle in the back of my truck and sold them, this following the sale of my mountain bikes, elimination of my adventure trips, rock climbing, camping and any other outdoor fun.   Giving up all my hobbies in hind sight made no sense and now with two young boys and no connection in their lives to the outdoors something needed to change.

With this question I realized how important it was too me to make sure they had the chance to experience the outdoors.   Knowing nothing about camping with such young children, or even much about local car camping options (I had always focused on backpacking).  Lost I pulled a book off my shelf “Camp free in BC”, and picked the closest campsite for our first trip (In case of a late night trip home).  Need to start somewhere.

Piling a ton of stuff into our little car and off were off, and about to hit our first snag, the gravel road into the campsite was closed.  After a quickly skimming a few more campsites in the book, we picked the next option, Ross Lake.   Back to the freeway and we were off once more.

After a few wrong turns, an hour down a gravel road and two restless kids.   We arrived at the campsite, on the lake and beside a playground for the boys.

Our youngest boy was not yet walking, and the older brother at 2 wasn’t much easier.  Outhouses started to look luxurious over the constant need to change diapers.  They loved be outside all day, but did not sleep well in the tent at night.  I was grateful we were out early in the season and had no neighbours in the camp site to wake up.

The plan was to explore, go on a few short hikes and enjoy the outdoors.  The reality was keeping rocks out of our youngest mouth and keep them fed was a full time job, leaving much less time than I thought for exploring.  When it was time to explore the need for the boys to throw rocks in the lake was often to great a distraction to make any progress on our walks.

A successful first trip, as I learned a lot about camping with kids and had successful created a mostly fun experience for them (it was not until the next year, sleeping in the tent was also a positive for them).  Completely exhausted from our weekend we headed home.  Convinced I wanted to do it again, but happy to delay the next trip for a while.

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