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Camping and toilet training 2010

February 28, 2012

Moyie Lake narrows

With the kids now 2 and 3 camping seemed much easier.  Even so we cheated, not only did we purchase DVD players to help with the drive, we also stayed with family on this trip.  Our oldest was close to being toilet trained heading out on this trip, and on the drive from Vancouver to Cranbrook he did great, even with outhouses.  When we got to the campsite in Cranbrook his grandparents were there with a camper, the excitement of using the toilet in their camper accomplished instantly what at home we had struggled to do in the last few months, he was instantly toilet trained.  The boys loved spending time with their grandparents, walking by the lake or riding in the speed boat.  We enjoyed the first relaxing trip in a long time, with the kids entertained, and dinners cooked for us, this camping trip had turned out to be a ton easier than staying at home.

This trip started my interest in finding a trailer for the family.  Due to our small car we didn’t have room for a cooler, so we had to borrow one when we got there and go shopping.  We also brought almost no toys for the boys, although they spent more time playing with sticks and rocks than there toys once we got there anyway.  I looked at small utility trailers, tent trailers and a bigfoot trailer all camping in the same campsite, nothing really seemed perfect.

Riding from Cranbrook to Kimberly

We even got an afternoon to ourselves, where the wife and I could jump on our road bikes and spend a little time by ourselves.  We rode the newly paved trail from Cranbrook to Kimberly.

After a week of relaxing it was time to make the 1000 km drive to Vanderhoof for a family engagement.  The shortest route was to follow the Rockies up through some incredible mountains and a list of amazing parks.  The trip was to be done in one day, however as we started out our newly toilet trained son announced, he was now afraid of outhouses.  With no bathrooms expected for hours at a time, this made for a long drive.

We stopped at the Athabasca Glacier and Jasper, after that just drove, taking the odd picture out of the window.  This is defiantly a place I plan to send some time exploring, but with a chill in the air again the trailer seemed like a good idea.

This trip was a huge success, the boys spent the rest of the year talking about the camper and fast boat.  Camping was now something they wanted to do.

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