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Canoeing Widgeon with the boys 2011

March 9, 2012
Launching the canoe at Pitt Lake

Boys waiting to Canoe at Widgeon

In 2008 we did attempt to canoe widgeon with at the time one child, who was barely walking.  We didn’t get very far.  After putting his life jacket on he stumbled, and with his arms and legs flailing, as he lay on his back, none touching the ground.  I think it was this moment that he decided that the life jacket needed to come off.  We still pushed on, but quickly realized this was not going to be a fun trip and headed for the dock.  Since then we have had both boys in the canoe for short rides on occasion, but returning to Widgeon was our first full day attempt.

This picture was taken just before heading out, the boys patiently waiting to get in the canoe as we get organized.  The boys were amazing!!  We paddle as far as the canoe would float up the creek, and they loved it.  I did bring small ores from an old rubber raft I have.  They loved sitting on the center support and paddling, although not always in the right direction.

Boys playing at Widgeon Creek

Boys taking a break

This trip we didn’t see anywhere near the wildlife I would have expected, the kids were excited to see fish and birds and just play with sticks in the water.

With the new Golden Ears bridge the launch at Pitt Lake is only about half an hour away, which was really nice since one of the boys life jackets was left there and we had to return and pick it up.  This was a very successful day out and everyone had fun.

Canoeing with the family

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