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Winter Sailing 2012

March 12, 2012

Winter day sailing in English Bay

The only outdoor activity I did not accomplish on my list in 2011 was sailing, but before the year was done I had the opportunity to crew on boat.  With my previous sailing experience limited to just being a passenger I was eager to learn.

Heading to the dock for the first race of 2012

For the first race I got up and left home before the sun had come up and followed a snow plow out of my neighbourhood.  With Vancouver under a rare snowfall warning I was ecxited to sail, but a little concerned about the conditions.

The boat was moored at Stanley park, and as I entered the park the Sun was rising and the clouds were clearing.  By the time we had prepped the boat and made our way out into English bay it was a beautiful, only problem, no wind.  This is when I took the picture at the start of this post.  After waiting for half an hour there was enough wind and we were off.

Lions Gate Bridge

Heading Back to the dock

I still love the feeling, as the boat is healed over, going full speed under just the power of the wind. There was much more to learn than I would have thought, and over the next four races I got a chance to sail in light winds, heavy winds, sun and rain.  We had some great neck and neck finishes, some amazing moves, one accident (yes it was our fault) and a great time.

I still want to learn to sail so I can tour, however also see the draw of racing and plan to continue racing as long as it fits and the opportunity exists, besides my skills still need a lot of work.

Waiting for the race to start

Waiting for the Race to start

A picture of us while racing.

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