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Daylight Savings

March 17, 2012

Bike ride at the beach

I love the extra hour of light in the evening, always have.  With children it is when the outdoors come alive.  Now after work there is time to go to the bike park, a short hike, beach or just take the boys outside to play at the park with all the other kids.

It also seems to be the transition for all the other families, as the week before the park is empty, however the week after the clocks change all the kids re-emerge after hiding inside all winter.

Daylight savings also starts the transition to summer hobbies.  (Although with the fresh snow on the mountains another day snowshoeing may still be in order).  I have all the bikes ready to go, the canoe is in order, however I am feeling the pressure as the Boler is nowhere near ready for camping season, nothing a few weekends can’t catch up (If I can stop playing on the weekends long enough to work on it).  I am sure it will move faster once I get past the sanding.

With the days warming, more daylight and the boys making up games at home they call “camping” or “hiking”, this year is looking to be amazing!

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