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First Snowshoe Outing

March 17, 2012

Hiking up Seymour Mountain

At Christmas we geared up for snowshoeing, even though we have never tried the sport.  It seemed like a great way to escape a raining winter day, as rain here is snow in the mountains.  After purchasing a family set of snowshoes, some warmer cloths for the boy and rims for the snow tires we were ready to go.

Most the local ski hills charge for trail passes, and with two young boys paying didn’t make sense, as we had no idea how long they would last and if the gear even worked (they tried them on in the living room, but it’s not the same).  After a little searching we decided to go try the Dogwood trail, it starts in the ski area on Seymour Mountain, but is maintained by the Provincial park and therefore does not require the purchase of a trail pass.  It seemed flatter than a couple other options I found, and safe enough for our first family outing.

The weather was perfect, clear blue skies (so much for escaping the rain) and around freezing, so not that cold.  Arriving at the top of the mountain, we were immediately directed back down to find parking, after driving for a few minutes we found a spot, got the kids dressed, gear packed and we started walking.

In hindsight it seems obvious to drop the boys off at the trail head before parking the car, but at the time hiking up the mountain seemed to make sense.  It turned out to be 2.5 km to the trail head, up the mountain.  The hard packed snow didn’t require snow shoes, but was tiring.  As we neared the trial head the boys were expiring, they had already eaten most of our lunch and were tired.  My wife watched the boys as I went back down to get the car.

Considering it was 2.5 km is all those cloths up a mountain they did well.  Grateful we chose a free trail, and knowing that we should drop them off at the trail head next time we headed home.

Life is in the journey, and although I know this with kids I am learning to live it.

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