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March Boler Update

March 25, 2012

Boler In Progress

The progress has been slow.  Since moving the trailer to a friends house, where it is so much better to work on, progress has slowed.  Life has gotten in the way and getting time without the boys (I don’t like them around when sanding, not good for them to breath) has been a challenge.  However the sanding is nearing completion!

Next step will be repairing the fibreglass, and working on how to make the door seal when it closes,  then I can start building.

The lack of time working on the trailer hasn’t slowed the planning.  A few new ideas I am planning for the trailer are;

1.  I have two bike holders I plan to put on the tongue of the trailer.

2. With the plans to extend the dinnette bench on the kichen side, I will likely be lacking in counter space.  I have decedied to build the counter at the same hight as the top bunk, and extend the counter all the way to the front of the trailer.   This makes for a slightly smaller couch, but a much bigger counter and still allows for the bunk bed.  The other benefit is the the strength that this will provide when using the bunk.

3.  I have a rock guard over the front window.  I found this picture of a Black bear walking across a log followed by a black bear cub and spirit bear cub.   I plan to have this painted on the rock guard, this should suit a BC based trailer.   On the inside I plan to stain wood cupboard doors, I am looking into branding (burning) a picture of a bear in these.  I have a friend who does this with wine boxes and it looks great.

4. Priced out a solar system.   I want a simple build, however the freedon solar offers seems worth the price and extra weight.  This should allow the trailer to stay out camping for much longer than we could.

This week I am focusing on selling all the parts that came on the trailer that I am not planning on using, as they are making it hard to fit my car in the garage.

The project should get more interesting once the sanding is completed.

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  1. March 25, 2012 4:31 pm

    Have you ever been to Australia? You might be able to find some inspiration in their campervanning culture. We relocated a Jucy campervan from Sydney to Cairns and I was impressed with their layout: Also, another campervan company, I believe, just started business in Canada: Good luck with the boler reno!

    • March 25, 2012 4:40 pm

      Thanks for the links!! I have spent lots of time on the internet searching and never came across these sites. Eventually I also want to build an overland truck, These also have ideas for that.

      I have never been to Australia, in Grade 4 I remember deciding I would travel there, just haven’t made it yet. It looks like an amazing place.

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